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  Zooming in on your subject requires an in-focus effect. It can be difficult to keep whatever it may be, in focus, when you zoom in. With that said, it is ideal to make sure the shot is clear.

Happy 2016!

Here is a small post where I will talk about 'following your eye'. What do I mean by that? Okay, answer these few questions... Where does your eye first look at? Where does it then lead to?
Most likely, it was the wooden dock and then following it out to the middle of the water. After that your eye wanders the photograph to every other spot.
   The whole point of the 'follow your eye' concept is a way you can lead the viewer's eyes to something in the form of "show don't tell". You are not saying "Hey! Look over to the middle of the lake!" Instead, something in the picture does that for you.
This is also another way to grasp that attention of the viewer, depending on your subject, colors in your photograph, and objects. But most importantly, it is how you make it original.


    Merry Christmas!

      There are many ways you can have your photo depict lights. Blurry, streaks, infocus, HD, and so many more  effects. It all depends how you want the picture to look.

  Traveling whilst having your camera with you is a great way to let your mind set free. When traveling you experience different surroundings that contain different beauty. Inspiration is finally seeing beauty in other objects or views, that you would not necessarily define "beautiful" once, and feeling urge to use that to create other photos based off of that. In this photograph, there are many colors used within. This could potentially inspire somebody to take some photos in a set that use a variety of color.  (This also gives it a vibrant, happy feeling!)
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